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Full Customisation & Instant Asset Audit


Every package offered is fully customisable, we give you a full workable blueprint of cover, then work with you to approve the essential bolt-ons.

Every company is different & no one recognises your requirements better than you.  Essential options are on every platform offered, including remote access by the eight76 team & a market leading antivirus.

With your chosen platform in place our team will start the asset tracking and auditing program.
The eight76 team will gift you a full outline of hardware distribution & software inventory across your business.

This includes the antivirus statuses & all drive grades. All of which will give you a guideline of what needs to be achieved to protect your business and keep it running with far fewer downtime's.

Adaptability & Flexibility

With a constantly shifting business environment teams are growing and shrinking in a very liquid manner.

What we actively avoid at eight76 is a restriction in anyway, we are here to help grow and develop your teams with all of your IT needs.

As your business develops, we are able to add to your plan with minimal difficulties and with next to no complications, with very little notice.


eight76 will adapt to your needs and requirements, simplicity in service.

Cost Savings & Rapid Response

Downtime is an incredibly costly activity for any company to compete with, be it a sales team that are unable to process your orders, or a production team sat still on a project due to IT failures. Speed of recovery is a necessity.

The majority of disasters are easily preventable with regular IT health checks & software updates, all of which are offered in every package presented.

With both regular issues & unforeseen catastrophise, eight76 can show you savings on both time and salaries, compared to an in-house team.

Each eight76 client has three dedicated response partners, who can be available 365 days a year on our selected support platforms.


This allows you to report the problem instantly & your response partners can create a solution quickly & effectively.

We Analyse, Advise & Action 

Speak to one of the team on 01634 505 876

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