Powerful Voip
phone system, CircleLoop

Set-up in minutes, no downtime.

CircleLoop is built differently, everything just works instantly. You’ll have a full feature phone system live within minutes, download our powerful apps for desktop and mobile and you’re live!

Never Miss a call

Try as you might you still haven’t mastered the art of being in two places at once! CircleLoop has you covered. Our mobile apps mean your phone system comes with you wherever you are, so clients and prospects can still reach you.

Look professional

CircleLoop gives you everything you need to run a professional business from the get-go, but without the usual hardware costs. Global numbers let you create a virtual presence in towns and cities of your choice, and because CircleLoop runs in apps, you can receive calls and make calls from your phone numbers, from wherever you are.

Killer features

Inbound Calling
CircleLoop is instantly live and ready to receive inbound calls
Outbound Calling
Make outbound calls to the UK and Internationally
Live Activity Feed
Account activity syncs instantly and appears in all your apps
Call Redirect
Redirect your calls to a team, menu or another user
Call Redirect
Redirect your calls to an external number

Call Transfer
Transfer calls to another team, menu or another user
Call Recording (User)
Record and listen to all your calls instantly
Call Recording
Record all users’ calls. Listen, download and share recordings



Out of Hours Routing, Voicemail, Filterable Activity Feed, Conference Calling, Synchronised contacts Hold Music & much much more… call for a quick walk through.